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Do you wonder why more than 30.000 companies in Greece and abroad use our hiring and recruiting solutions? We are dedicated in one purpose. Every talented candidate should match the most suitable role: the one that will lead both their career and the company itself to success. Our years of experience in providing hiring solutions and recruiting services made us believe that one cannot achieve success if they don’t invest in the right people. - Stats 2023

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We bring job seekers and employers together by offering a range of services:

  • Understanding your needs

    We stand beside you from the moment you decide that you need a new employee.

  • Giving directions

    We help you write and/or edit your job description so you can attract the candidates that are the perfect fit for your role or those who will grow into your company.

  • Publishing your job ads

    We publish your ads on our website and they are automatically distributed through the biggest job search engines (Indeed, Jooble, CareerJet).

  • Offering hiring solutions

    We provide you with our recruiting services whether you need help shortlisting the candidates or you need us to find them, interview them and deliver you the perfect match for your role. It’s your call!

  • Organising your career events

    We plan, organise and promote your career events or networking sessions in Greece from A to Z.

  • Providing support

    We support you every step of the way and we bring results.

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